T-Meeting is a developer of video communication solutions for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The company develops custom products such as TM-9000, and video communication services for tablets such as the iPad (TM Touch) and iPhone (TM-Mobile) on the App Store and always offers the same high quality and simplicity. T-Meeting develops advanced services, such as integrated video answering feature in iPad, group video conferencing for deaf people, video switches, text telephones, VRS solutions and special solutions such as the TM-9000 desktop which can be used in public places.

It is of great importance to us that information on our website ( is accessible for everyone including product users and stakeholders via sign language, videos, text and PDFs. All our products can be used across all types of Internet networks without the need of special routers, which is common in the industry. T-Meeting has over 70 employees and operates in and outside of Scandinavia.

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